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December 10th, 2009

Sex made the Salvation Army.

Gregory Corso

The Mystery of the Lost Lenore

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For sale: one very large potato. I mean large! Fits comfortably within the borders of France. $75 only but you must pay for shipping. Box 345.



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Jamais (Never)

A Poem and Its Translation

Here is another recently unearthed poem by the odd French poet, Charles Roche-Bobois, and the accompanying "translation" by our own Hugh Briss. Mr. Briss is the author of Cupid's Arrows Miss Their Mark: The Love Poetry of CRB.

        je ne l'ai vue
        plus belle que
        quand elle
        a souri à lui.

        Mais je voudrai

Charles Roche-Bobois

        have I seen
        her lovelier
        than when
        she smiled at him.

        But I would
        like to.

Hugh Briss

This is the beginning of the season of serious over-eating and so we thought we would re-run this helpful bit from 2005

Mistress Information

The Omniscient Dominatrix tells us how

This week: Using an Electronic Scale

You fat insignificant worm, place the scale on an even, flat surface. With your dirty, smelly foot, tap the center of the scale (FIRMLY you little wuss) until the display is illuminated with 888.8. Wait. I said WAIT!

When 0.0 appears on the display THEN AND ONLY THEN can you step on the scale. The scale automatically zeroes when you tap the center. No adjustment is required. So keep your STINKING LITTLE MONKEY PAWS off it!

Step on to the scale. Your weight measurement will appear on display. DID I SAY LOOK DOWN? You are such a nasty little piece! Maybe I should show you what happens when you don't follow instructions. You'd like that wouldn't you?

The scale will display your weight for several seconds. That's long enough for you to see what a lazy, stupid fat slob you are!

Note: Your scale is a precision electronic instrument. One of the hardest things to weigh is the human body because it is always in motion. STOP WRIGGLING!

To ensure reliable readings, always place your feet on the scale in EXACTLY the same place and STAND STILL!

Mme. X