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December 13, 2007

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For Sale: one butternut squash previously owned by Martin Luther. Not really edible. $7 OBO. Box 95.
There will be a meeting of people who are ambivalent about Raymond on December 15th at 7:45pm in Artspace.
I am a small furtive man with an interest in French cheeses and kissing. I live under the stairs. Sometimes I like to emit a low pitched droning noise. Do I sound like someone you would like to buy things for? If so contact me at Box 878.
December the 15th marks the return of Platform Gallery's 8X10 fundraiser. Featuring a silent auction, as well as a draw for photographs (8X10 in size - duh!), an Abzurbs performance and some seasonal conviviality, there really is no reason to not attend. Hosted this year by the incomparable Dominique Rey and the easily compared Glen Johnson.



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A Bedtime Story

Une Histoire du Bedtime

"Boy am I sleepy" thought Jack (Jacques). "It must be getting late." And it was. It was after ten (2200h). Jack's eyelids felt heavy. Very heavy. He would have estimated their weight at 13 ounces (369 grammes)each. He would have been wrong but that's what he would have estimated.

"It seems like only 4 hours since I ate dinner" (le repast) he thought, which, of course, it was. "I guess I should get into my PJs (la chemise du ZZZZZ)" he said aloud to his cat, Raymond (le chat Raymond). Raymond, who had been more or less sleeping all day, could not have cared very much less (moins) than he did.

Jack changed into his sleepytime gear and clambered into his bed. He felt no need to count sheep. He knew there were seven (7). They were grazing as usual in the corner which, unaccountably, was relaxing for him (pour lui). In no time at all (rien du temps) he was fast (vite) asleep. And there he remained until morning (le matin).

The End

Original Recording Found

Scholars interested in French poetry of the 20th Century are all atwitter at the recent discovery of an original recording of the poem Les Gouttes by the startling French poet, Charles Roche-Bobois. The recording was found in the bottom of Henri LeNavet's sock drawer. M.LeNavet, who never heard of the poet, was (and is) a small man with enormous feet. He could not explain how the record came to be there.

Our own Hugh Briss, an expert on the troubled French versifier, was involved in the authentication process and as a result we are able to present a copy of it here. We apologise for the sound quality.

No, we really, really apologise for the sound quality.

Les Gouttes

Children's Letters to Satan

Dear Satan,
I am an eleven year old boy with a passing interest in evil. How did you get your start? Is evil a difficult field to get into?
Junior Achiever

Dear JA,
Many, many, many years ago I realized that my boss and I were really not on the same page. I felt like I could do a much better job than he was doing so I just started undermining him. I guess that was my start. In those days there wasn't a lot of competition. Everybody was basically good. How boring! Now, of course, competition is stiffer but really it's all a matter of setting priorities. Give yourself one evil thing to do every day and go from there. Good Luck and hang in there!
Sincerely (it seems),
B. Allan Zebub

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