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December 23rd, 2010


For sale: one 17 pound block of Havarti also known as "The Christmas Cheese". 45$. Must act before December 24th. Box 25.
For sale: Only 78$, 2 tickets to The Nutcracker Suit, a stunning ballet about a man who wears a suit made out of, you guessed it, nutcrackers. Box 30.
For sale: one 17 pound block of Havarti also known as "The New Year's Cheese". 45$. Must act before January 1st. Box 25.

The Mystery of the Lost Lenore


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Christmas Audio Stories

As is usual at this time of year, we present here, for your enjoyment and edification, a small selection of Christmas audio stories (and a poem). We suggest listening to them as you and your family and/or loved ones sit around drinking egg nog in front of the fire. That is assuming you have a fire place. If you are sitting around a fire in your home and you do NOT have a fireplace it would be better to call 911 and ask for the Fire Department. They are perhaps better equipped to deal with these things. - HB

The Second Christmas


A Lovely Idyll


Mister Onion's Daring Christmas Escape


Sitting By The Fire On Christmas

A pome by E. Watermuldar