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Christmas Eve, 2009

Without knowing what is funny, one is constantly in danger of being funny without knowing it.

Robert Benchley


For sale: one snow globe, life-size. Currently in orbit around Uranus (no jokes please). $1000000000 OBO. Box 12.
Do you like trinkets? I also like trinkets. I am attempting to form an online society for trinket-lovers. Interested? Box 3417.
For sale: some half-eaten turkey. Not sure of quantities yet so get your order in early. Box 201.
I collect wrapping paper and make it into interesting animal sculputres that are amazingly lifelike except for the fact that they are mostly red and green and have a lot of elves and snowmen on them. If you would like to help me in my quest to win the Sobey please donate your used wrapping paper. Thanks. Box 28.

The Mystery of the Lost Lenore

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Christmas Audio Stories

As is usual at this time of year, we present here, for your enjoyment and edification, a small selection of Christmas audio stories. We suggest listening to them after you have opened your presents and stuffed yourself full of food. They will aid your digestion. Possibly. - HB

The Girl Who Loved Santa


The Immuration of Winter

Part One

Part Two

Ervine the Stoat