Reasonably Special Academy Awards Edition  

February 19th, 2009

I'm a whore, all actors are whores.

William Holden

Great-looking hair is respected everywhere.

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Man with a love of film seeks woman who isn't very good at brushing her teeth. Box 33.
For sale: my complete collection of movies featuring the word: "doorknob" when used as an epithet and not the simple descriptor of a door opening device. $11 OBO. Box 1900.

Tips For Winter Living
Number 12:

In order not gain a lot of extra weight over the winter months it is important to watch what you eat. Place a small mirror across the table from you whenever you sit down to a meal.



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Best Film Nominee Reviews

nude man

by someone who didn't see any of them

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
This movie stars Brad Pitt as a briefcase belonging to someone named Benjamin Button who, surprisingly because of the name Benjamin, is played by a girl. It is either Kate Winslet or perhaps, Cate Blanchett.
The briefcase contains some documents about aging and must travel back in time (or possibly into the future) in order to prevent something or other.

This is not about the beverage at all but about some mare that was killed for some reason. Too sad for me really.

This is part of the Batman series. Richard Nixon (the former President) comes back as a super villian, The Frost, to avenge the death of the Schwarzenegger character Mr. Freeze from whichever Batman movie that was that he was in. Heath Ledger is in this too I believe.

The Reader
90 minutes of someone reading? I don't think so!

Slumdog Millionaire
I heard this was uplifting. I think it might be animated. There's just no way it's better than the Aristocats.

Dunny Bradstreet

Fun Oscar Facts

1) The Name
The Academy Award is called "Oscar" because the sculptor who made the original statuettes (George Stanley) was an enormous fan of the Picture of Dorian Grey.

2) The First Award
We all know that the first Academy Awards dinner was held in the Blossom Room at the Roosevelt Hotel in 1929 but the year before at an informal gathering at a park in West Hollywood the first Academy Award was presented to Rin Tin Tin for his work in A Dog of the Regiment.

3) The Most
Donny Most has never won an Oscar, not even for 1986's Stewardess School.

4) I Hear Music
A lot of Oscar nominated songs have not really been great hits. For instance, "Marmalade, Molasses and Honey" from the film The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean only sold three copies on iTunes last year and two of those were to me.

5) For the Birds
It's common knowledge that the youngest winner was Tatum O'Neal and the oldest was Jessica Tandy but few people know that the only cartoon bird to ever win an Oscar was Tweety-Pie in 1947.

Official Persiflage Oscar Ballot

Best Haircut in a Dramatic Scene (M)_________ (F)___________
Best Scene Involving a Potato in Some Way ___________________
Best Movie with Button in the Title _____________________
Tallest Actor in a non-Villianious Role _____________________
Oldest Actress Who Doesn't Look Like the Oldest Actress __________________
Best Monkey Movie ___________________
Shortest Acceptance Speech (by choice - does not count if cut off by music) _______________________