Yes, now is the time that you people start pulling your weight and making up your own PERSIFLAGE. This week we provide you with the template and you provide for your own amusement. See how well you do!

Funny Story

Once upon a time there was a ___________ called __________. He lived in a ___________ with a ___________ and a __________.
One day ____________ went into the _____________. There he saw a magical or beautiful (pick one)__________. It was indeed very _________. __________ was amazed and more than a little ________ but __________ anyway. Suddenly ________________________________________________ and then _________________
But it was eventually cleared up and no one died or went to prison for more than 90 days.

The End

Some Name

Fake Essay

Have you ever noticed that _____________ whenever you go to the __________? And it's never just _________. Very often ___________. Which is infuriating to say the least.
Since the early Fifteenth Century _____________ and that's only the ones we know about! Certainly __________ must have had one from time to time as he was well known for his __________. But I'm speculating. No one knows.
What can you do about this? Well, first of all _______________________________. Secondly ____________________. And finally ________________. But some of that must be obvious. Or at least it is to me.

Your Name Here or a funny pseudonym

February 7, 2008

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For sale:[something amusing] will accept in trade [something funny but in an entirely new and unexpected way from the first something funny]. Box [humorous number].
For rent:[something that couldn't actually be rented - like air - but don't use air as that really isn't all that funny and besides we've already done that one. Think for yourself for gods' sake!]. [Hilarious box number].
[Some kind of announcement maybe involving a strange organization with a weird name or funny acronym.]



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