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January 28th, 2010

Boredom is the dream bird that hatches the egg of experience.

Walter Benjamin


For sale: bassoon concerto transcribed for violin. Very easy to play. Written on the back of old Safeway receipts (42 in all). $100 OBO. Box 9.
Attention Foosball Players! Do you have a sharp pain in both sides? Do you have trouble moving independently? If so you may want to participate in my study on the health concerns of small plastic individuals. Reply to Box 19898.
For rent: fully furnished ziggurat located close to shops and schools. Ideal for small family or a priest of the moon god Nanna. $1200/month. Box 88.

The Mystery of the Lost Lenore

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The Shut-In Flaneur

I live life easily. I take things as they come, sauntering along noting the sights and sounds, stopping when I like, perhaps for a coffee, sitting for a while and watching life pass.

Sometimes of a morning I will amble down the hall from my bedroom, stopping for a while in the bathroom before resuming my leisurely stroll kitchenwards. There I might enjoy an early coffee or perhaps a bowl of cereal if I am feeling peckish. Whatever takes my fancy!

The remainder of the morning might be spent gazing out the window onto the parking lot below or thumbing through one of my books. Someday I might read one. If I feel like it I might have a light lunch in the living room on the couch or even on the floor, picnic style, sprawled in front of the TV!

Afternoons might find me ambling up and down the avenue or "hall" taking in the sights, keeping my ears open. Eaves- dropping is a popular pasttime amongst flaneurs. Somedays I spend with my ear pressed to my apartment door. Occassionally someone is talking as they walk past.

Evenings I often have a glass of wine in hand as I sit at my usual table nattily dressed and looking as if I had not a care in the world. It is a rich and full life.

Wally B.


Dear Persiflage,

Your website is very interesting.

Mister Interested
(no relation to Mister Interesting)

Dear Mr I,

Thank you for your interest in our website.


Dear Persiflage,

I am currently compiling a complete concordance for Persiflage and I have noticed that you have never used the word "boing" on your website. What with a lot of your writing pretending to be humorous I find this surprising. Any reason.

Igor Abromson

Dear Mr. Abromson,

We have no idea why you find this surprising.


Dear Persiflage,

I am beginning to suspect that none of the letters that I have written in my life have had any impact whatsoever. However several of the printed ones, especially a big G I did once in university have gone on to great things. Is cursive script lazy?

Mr. N. Jobb

Dear NJ,

It is not that cursive script is lazy it just has a different kind of ambition. Print is all about direct communication - warnings, instructions etc. Print is very hortative. Whereas cursive is more romantic. It is gestural and sublime. Ah, who am I kidding? It's bone lazy!