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June 26, 2008

Neurosis is the escutcheon of civilization.

Rudolf Urbantschitsch

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For sale: some potatoes. $1/kg box 2.
Come to the closing party for Larry Glawson's exhibition, Homebodies, at 284 William Avenue (if you are in Winnipeg). It's the evening of the 26th of June. If you aren't there I will assume that you have been hit by a bus or some other large automated thingy and really, do you want to worry me like that?



The Science of Persiflagenetics

Okay, so I just now made that up but it sounds like it could be a thing doesn't it?

Early this morning I walked by a bus shack that was advertising for a Tony Robbins appearance and it started me thinking about motivation and self-help.

I thought "Wow, who better than PERSIFLAGE to give people tips on how to become successful?" but as I did not say this out loud I did not get any real answers (not even from the voices in my head although they did mumble something about shaving my cat, forgetting, no doubt, that Mr. Muggles does not like to be shaved and often goes about armed with a straight razor which makes trying to shave him not a sane act. This leads me to think that perhaps, and I don't want to jump to conclusions here, the voices in my head may not be entirely sane. But this may take some time and effort to determine definitively. In the mean time I suggest we return to whatever the hell it was that I was talking about outside these parentheses).

And that is how cheese is made.

Hugh Briss

A Spine-Tingling Tale of the Cruciverbalist

One time I was doing this small one in the bathroom and I read the clue for 24 Across, "arranges a date for" as "arranged a date for", so that gave me a "D" as the first letter for 25 Down, the clue for which was "second bananas". I couldn't get it.

As I usually do in such cases, I moved on to other clues, filling in the other letters of the solution until the guessing becomes easier. Eventually I had almost all the other letters for 25 Down. I had DIDE_IC_S and I was thinking "What the hell is this? Dideticts? I don't know this word.

I got 39 Across "is fond of" which was "liked". That gave me the first K. Then came 50 Across. The clue for that was "actor Olin". As soon as I saw that it was three letters I knew it wasn't Lena. It was, of course, "Ken" from 30 Something. That gave me the second K.

I looked at 24 Across again and it was then that I got it. It had to be "fixes up". Second bananas was obviously SIDEKICKS! Boy did I laugh about that one!