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March 25th, 2010


For rent: sususudio space in the Exchange District. Ideal for listening to Phill Collins' CDs or even Genesis (the band, not the book in the Bible). $200/month. Box 34.
Easter bunnies needed for egg delivery blitz next weekend. Pays 10% commission on each egg. Box 9.
For Sale: large map of an entirely fictitious country that I made up one afternoon when there was nothing good on TV. Mostly in pencil crayon but there is a lake that started out as some spilled coffee and a little bit of jam that I am calling a mountain range. $45 OBO. Box 1123.
Milk and Cookies with Uncle Glennie. April 1, aceartinc 2nd floor, 290 McDermot Ave, Winnipeg. 7PM. Stories 8 + 9PM.

The Mystery of the Lost Lenore

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Civility 101

We present here, for your convenience and your education, a few brief notes concerning basic civility and the practice thereof.

Try Not To Be A Dick:
This clearly does not refer to gentlemen named Richard or anyone with this as a surname. What we mean here is that you should abstain from doing anything dickish or dicklike.

Avoid Passive/ Aggressive Behaviour:
We mean avoid you should avoid the practice of it. Probably you're already avoiding being exposed to it. If you have a problem with some one or some thing tell them directly and as gently and diplomatically as possible. Or, as a polite alternative, shut the hell up.

Give Sincerity a Whirl:
This is fairly straight forward and you should try to be as well. Buttering someone else's buns actually denotes a lack of respect.

Bloviation and Pontificating, the Pedant's Scylla and Charybdis:
Obscure digressions, long winded diatribes, self-absorbed speeches and extended monologues about your self are harmful to others. Keep it short and ask about them once in a while.

Imagine Other People Have Lives:
Yes that's right. It is a possibility that other people MAY not have endless time to devote to you. I know, it seems far-fetched but PRETEND it's true anyway.

Two Good Friends

Larabee and Mischa were pretty good friends, and one of the things they liked to do was go to social events and pretend not to be together. It amused them greatly.

They would go to an art opening or a party or sometimes even a movie and stay on opposite sides of the room and never speak to or look at one another. After words they would laugh and laugh.

Once, when they were hired by the same restaurant, Larabee as a busser and Mischa as a dishwasher, they decided they didn't know each other at work either.

At first this was no problem at all but after a while the other restaurant staff found it odd. They got tired of introducing the two every time they worked the same shift, which was often, and it was a relief for everyone when thye were fired. Larabee and Mischa found it hilarious.

One time they went to see a play, Ionesco's The Bald Soprano. They sat on opposite sides of the theatre. Larabee was up in the balconies and Mischa was down front. On the way out after the performance they almost collided but neither of them even nodded in their good friend's direction.

They found this kind of thing unbelievably funny. Which, I guess, explains why they were such good firends.

Frank Speeking

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