It Rhymes with Decoupage!

March 8, 2007

What is not, potentially, a quotation?
                        --------------  Louis Menand

Tips for Winter Living:

Tip #21: Always carry a survival kit when travelling in the winter. It should contain English or Scottish mints, a heavy sweater or "jumper", a recipe card with your burial instructions and a songbook for jolly sing-a-longs to pass the time while waiting for the embrace of death's icy grasp!


For Sale: a piece of paper with someone's phone number on it. I haven't tried it but they could be nice. $42. Box 567.
For Rent: the top half of my laundry hamper. Ideal for laundry. $1.75/week Box 33.
Will trade my second best pair of jeans for any children's books that feature a talking pencil named Garabaldi. Box 22.
I am a small man with a large desire to see my enemies humiliated but I suffer from a paucity of revenge ideas. If you have any good ideas of how I could get back at the guy who stood in my way on the 21 bus yesterday causing me to almost miss my stop please send it to Box 45. Or I'll get you. I don't know how but I will.


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The Archives section of PERSIFLAGE is under construction at the moment. Soon every PERSIFLAGE ever to appear on the web will be available online. Now isn't that worth waiting for? Don't answer that.


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Alarming News from our Southern Neighbours

                                          * in Other Potatoes

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from Leonard Derwerthy

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A Tale of Patriotism and Personal Sacrifice read by Uncle Glennie and recorded live@aceart

For Your Edification:

There's that cleared up!