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May 10, 2007

We've found that a parking lot is a big gap between buildings.
                                         - Burt Chase

Life does not come all in one piece like cheese; it more resembles linked sausages, a series of events on a string.
                                         - Harold Bell Wright

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For Sale: a box lunch I failed to eat in 1980. Still in it's original box. I haven't looked but I assume it's still good. $4OBO Box 009.
For rent: my entire collection of cereal boxes. Varying sizes. Suitable for holding things besides cereal. Reasonable monthly and weekly rates. Box 388.
Anyone knowing the whereabouts of my Florence Henderson CD please contact me. I miss it terribly. Reward for safe return and only one question asked. Box 44.

Tips for Spring Living:

Tip #6:  If allergies are a problem for you try breathing less. Inhale half as often as you would normally but exhale the same amount. Exhaling's good for you!



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History's 10 Hottest

Everybody loves lists of hot celebrities but why is this practice always confined to those who are still alive? Why not a list of the 10 (5 men 5 women) hottest celebrities of all time?
We couldn't think of a reason why not so here it is:

The 5 Hottest Dudes

#1 Gustavus Adolphus

Ask yourself this: What could possibly be hotter than a Swedish king? Nothin'!

#2 Genghis Khan

Sure from time to time he was known to ravage the countryside but he was a great one for little fur hats and check out that wild goatee!

#3 Kenesaw Mountain Landis

Just for his name this judicial babe deserves to be on this list but his intellectually wavy hair clinches the deal!

#4 Pierre GT Beauregard

PGTB (as his friends called him) was the epitome of cool even when firing the opening shots of a civil war. His facial hair arrangement was remarkably under- stated for a Civil War General. Did the Union have a hotter general? Meade? Burnside? Sedgewick? Get real!

#5 Peter Mark Roget

What's another word for HOT?

The 5 Hottest Chicks

#1 Eve


Sometimes the best isn't saved for last. Hey I'd take a piece of fruit from her anytime!

#2 Livia Drusilla


Hotter than Theodora! Here's an Empress with a truly classical style.

#3 Louise Labe


When we say hot we mean hot! This lady burned like the sun. Too bad she was so sad all the time.

#4 Mina Loy


You'd have to be a lunatic to not want a guided tour from this Jazz Age hottie!

#5 Angela Davis


Beyonce wasn't the first to rock the Afro! Brains, beauty and balls! (metaphorically speaking of course)

Lorgan Torbold, the Reluctant Space Pirate

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