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May 6th, 2010

For everything that you want, you have to give something up.

Latham Smith


For sale: tape recording of bird calls. Series of messages left on my answering machine by a Cedar Waxwing named Steve inquiring about some twigs I was selling last year. $7. Box 1145.
For sale: one toothpaste flavoured toothbrush. Like new. $3 OBO. Box 2.

The Mystery of the Lost Lenore

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Thoughts on seafaring

        I strain, once again,
        to refrain from saying some
        thing that will quickly
        end this job for me.

        This mouth breather,
        this one eyebrow type,
        this dragger of knuckles is,
        after all, my boss.

        And even though
        his pilot light's long since
        gone out, he's still at the helm
        of this sinking ship.

        Mutinous thoughts
        fill my head but I know
        not a one of this motley
        crew would join my insurrection

        preferring their steady diet
        of crow and crushed hopes
        they cannot be tempted by
        the dubious fruit of an even

        more dubious island.
        Just as well.
        Beyond the cracking
        of this ape's cocoanut,

        my mind can't navigate.
        Left to my own devices
        I have no way to plow
        through even the smoothest of seas.

        Better to shut up and smile.
        At least this cretin
        can find North
        when his needle's pointing up.

Elrose Watermuldar

Journal of a Disturbed Individual

- Part 457 1/2

April 28th Seemed like Monday all day today. In the evening briefly it felt like Wednesday but I felt like I was someone else. Gore Vidal.

April 29th Much better today. Actually feels like Thursday, which it is, but my apartment seems as if it might be going off me. Tried to placate it by kissing all the door knobs in a chaste and courtly manner. They may have taken it the wrong way.

May 3rd Apartment definitely hates me. Went out to the park because I couldn't stand its silent disapproval. Better the noisy disapproval of the squirrels.

May 4th Tried patching things up with my apartment. Things a bit tense but better. Think the living room enjoyed the almonds but the bathroom is still standoffish. Using the one in the Bay for the moment.

May 5th Leopold came over. I always enjoy his company. He didn't notice anything odd about the apartment. Argued a bit about it. He says I am getting paranoid. Has he been paid to say this? Surely they haven't gotten to him too? Thank goodness he is imaginary or I would be in real trouble. Might make up a new friend tomorrow if I have time after I do my laundry.

Special Intercalary Day That I Made Up For Me And Me Alone So There Just watched TV today. Mostly the Weather Channel. Windy. I guess.

May 6th Gave my notice today. Things are just too difficult between me and the apartment. Irreconcilable differences. Thought I heard the kitchen sobbing. It's all for the best I guess.