not even a little insecure 

if that's okay?   

October 1st, 2009

Somehow it didn't take - this initiation into the nihil of belonging. Maybe I was just too weird to begin with.

Sylvia Plath


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The Undercover Poet

He was a poet but nobody knew it. He wore a hat, and he had a job, and he brought home the bacon so that no one knew.

On the bus, on the way to work, he sat, with his lunch in a bag in his lap. There was no way to know.

He bought his groceries in a grocery store. He bought his shoes in a shoe store. He bought his pants in a Walmart.

Once in the Bay, he tried on a beret but, he never owned one.

M. Issing

Feathers McGraw

after Lowell

We present here, for your perusal, a poem by the noted Belgian detective, Egmont Le Manchot. M. Le Manchot is not noted for his poetry. This selection may indicate why.

   Only working the lunch rush,
   afternoons spent lounging
   in pajamas
   I hog the whole house now
   the walrus gone.

   Picking through the postcards
   with their endless white expanses,
   prostrate on the overstuffed couch
   a spilled bag of Doritos
   at my feet.

   I am thirteen
   in my "twilight years".
   Ought I to regret my egg time?
   I was once a great gulping diver
   firing beneath the surface
   sliding along the glass
   to the 'ohhs' of field tripping kiddies.

   Dumped in the tank,
   having flipped the bird
   to scientific fishermen,
   I swam with the aquarium bred
   and the unfortunately netted

   Paddling on slow days
   I yammered metaphysics with Abramowitz,
   a crested Emperor,
   with his orange "It's really yellow"
   Al Lewis haircut. So vegetarian
   he shunned krill and tried to befriend
   the sea lions. They beat him black and white.

   He pointed out to me
   the T shirted back of
   Feathers McGraw,
   piling towels on the rack
   before dawdling back to his rock
   covered in things
   forbidden the common penguin:
   a portable radio, a dresser
   an Argentine flag tied to a
   Union Jack.

   Flabby, bald, lobotomized
   he drifted in a sheepish calm
   where no agonizing reappraisal
   jarred his concentration
   on the strange dog's collar
   lying on the rock
   like an oasis in his air
   of lost connections.

Egmont le Manchot


Dear Persiflage,

I am intent on doing evil in the world and I am a big admirer of your website. I am thinking of starting my own. Any tips?

Lou Safer

Dear Mr. Safer,

Thank you for your interest in our website. Our advice to you would be to start a blog. There are some very user-friendly blogging softwares available and that way you won't have to write any code. Your evil thoughts and schemes could just be uploaded to your blog each day with little fuss. Good luck!


Dearest Persiflage,

It seems like only yesterday (it was the day before) that I first glimpsed you on the screen of a co-worker in the place of business where I work. You were wearing a lovely blue background (which set off your i's nicely) and you were saying something cute about conformity. Since then I haven't been able to get you out of my mind (even with the ECT). Wanna canoodle?

Smitten Kitten

Dear Smote Cat,

We think we should just be mere acquaintances (if that).


Dear Persiflage,

I am a very important man with no time to waste writing letters to websites.

B. Wigg

Dear Mr. Wigg,

We completely understand your not wanting to initiate a correspondence with us. Writing letters, or even emails, can seriously impinge on a person's time and prevent them from getting important work done.
Even as I write this there is a largish fire burning on my desk that I should really be doing something about. It seems to have started in my oily rag collection and has now spread to the stack of Glamour magazines I was hoping to flip through this afternoon. The heat is getting pretty intense and I think if I hadn't disabled the sprinkler system in my office I would now be quite moist.
But I feel that I should respond to your generous email in a timely fashion and so it will have to just burn itself out. Oh, it seems to have caught my sleeve. This isn't good. I must go.


Dearest Persiflage,

I am writing to you to raise an alarm. I believe that automatically flushing toilets and electronically opening doors are sapping the initiative of our youth. This thought occurred to me as I was standing outside Safeway the other day waiting for the door to open. Suddenly I realized that it was after 11 o'clock at night and the store was closed.

Very Sincerely,
Al Libaba

Dear Mr. Libaba,

We heartily agree and would add spell cheque to the list.