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October 22nd, 2009

For a long time now I've judged people only according to minute details.

Peter Altenberg

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10 Extremely Short Stories By A Regular-Sized Writer

The Party

The party was a success. Not a tremendous success but a success nonetheless. The decorations had turned out fantastic and the food not only looked great but was really tasty! Next time, Steve thought, I'll invite someone.

A Small Pond

"Still waters run deep" the pond's mother told him but he thought this was just an attempt to make him feel better about being so small and placid. The pond really liked to see people white-water rafting but he didn't get many chances. He learned to love algae.

Plum Tired

Professor Plum was tired of being accused of crimes he didn't commit. The other fruit just assumed, because of his history, that he was guilty of something. Sure he'd bruised that apple that one time and he'd made that banana split but that didn't make him a criminal! Did it?

Gary's Hands

Gary's left hand was up to something sinister. Dexter, Gary's right hand, knew it. He tried to warn Gary but Gary ignored him. Then one day Gary's left hand started a Ponzi scheme and even though it made a lot of money it landed Gary and both his hands in jail.

The Castle

Once upon a time there was a king who lived in a castle that was made entirely outof breadsticks. The king really liked dining out with friends and every time he did he pocketed a few breadsticks. Eventually he had enough for a castle. You should do that.

The Scissors

"Snip, snip, snip" went the scissors as they cut all the way across the big sheet of paper. Now there were two sheets of paper. But what had been gained? There was no more writing surface. In fact, there was very slightly less. It was all for naught.


Chip liked to look out the window. He liked to watch the cars drive by. He liked to imagine that he was driving them. Sometimes he would mime the actions of driving as he sat there. It was a little creepy.


The calendar said that it was October but he only said that because he loved Halloween and he really wanted it to be October. But he wasn't fooling anyone.


"Potatoes for everyone!" shouted the man in the big hat. He was drunk. That was pretty obvious. I mean who offers to buy a round of potatoes in a bar? I had one though. It was pretty good.


Rodney felt like he was being followed. He couldn't shake that feeling no matter where he went. But it was just his shirt tag sticking up.