This week we thought we would do away with all that silly HTML code business and just give it to you straight, as it were. Here is PERSIFLAGE unadorned. September 3rd, 2009. Most people don't know much -- Elon Musk. CLASSIFIEDS: For sale - rare recording of Little Miss Muffet singing Peter Frampton's big hit -Oh Baby, I love Your Whey- 7$ OBO Box 19. For rent: over-sized pair of shoes. one was lived in by an old lady and her family and the other was once a grow-op. located side by side. $400/month each. Box 2468. Willing to travel for free? I am a travel agent who likes to give things away. What's the catch? There isn't one but do like to make up fake ads. Box 1. NEWS ITEM:City of Winnipeg chooses new motto: What are you looking at? Mayor Sam Katz's office announced today that the City of Winnipeg would be changing its offical motto from Unum cum virtute multorum (One with the strength of many) to What are you looking at? (Quidne videtis was rejected as a little too eggheady). Larry Dubniak, from the Office of Naming Stuff and Catchy Slogans, who had previously penned the ultra-catchy Chamber of Commerce slogan Winnipeg: It's Easy to be a Loser Here!, presided over the unveiling of a new coat of arms at a ceremony at city hall early this morning. Many dignitaries were present as well as the artist commisioned to do the work. Donald Donald is renowned throughout Elmwood (and in parts of Transcona) for his daring and flammable works in a variety of media including bauxite, linoleum and old Sugar Twin packets. For the new City of Winnipeg shield however he returned to a more traditional medium: construction paper. -Winnipeg has always seemed like a construction paper kind of town to me- Donald quipped -it's a little rough and unfinished but cheap and comes in great colours.- A startled and fidgety Dubniak added -And that's just great!- as he elbowed the sculptor away from the podium. The coat of arms which is the size of a smallish moderately priced sedan with good pickup and great mileage features an escutcheon flanked by likenesses of Burton Cummings and Monty Hall wrestling over what appears to be a cruller (The cruller like object forms the top part of the shield). On the shield itself are four separate images: a big box store, a snow route sign, a fat guy leering menacingly and a ballerina doing a jete) along the bottom is the banner reading: What are you looking at? The new coat of arms will be displayed in a glass case just inside the main doors at city hall until someone complains. THE MONKEY KING RIDES THE BUS: Once upon a time there was a Monkey King who needed to get downtown. The Monkey had a car but there was something wrong with the engine. His mechanic said it might need a new Johnson rod. The Monkey King didn't have that kind of cash. He wasn't sure how to get downtown. The Monkey King couldn't take a cab because of the incident when he was only the Monkey Prince. He didn't even like thinking about it. Yikes. One of the Monkey King's minions had once mentioned something called a bus (this would be in italics or quotation marks if I were writing code) that went downtown. That sounded good to the Monkey King so he went down to the bus stop (once again, italics or quotation marks) and waited. When the bus came the Monkey King got on. The driver didn't seem to want to go directly to the Monkey King's doctor's office but he did drop him off nearby. The bus driver wasn't one of the Monkey King's subjects so he couldn't have him killed. Anyway it was only half a block so it worked out okay.THE END Okay, here's a little bit of code for those of you who are jonesing:

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