Some Great Gift Ideas


There are a lot of people who are consistently getting all hot and bothered. If you could hire someone to do their sweating for them they would probably be eternally grateful. Not sure where you find someone like this though. Walmart?

Organic Christmas Cake

Let's face it, there are known carcinogens (probably) in those little red and green maraschino cherries. If you bought Christmas cake with only free range cherries in it people could make pigs of themselves with impunity. Wouldn't that be great?

World Peace

Long desired by beauty contest finalists and small children this never really goes out of style. You will certainly be popular if you can pull this off by December 25th.


For the members of your family who like to blow things up but hate loud noises.

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Christmas Audio Stories

Once again this year, we present here, for your listening pleasure, a selection of Christmas themed audio stories (and a poem). You can download them onto an iPod (or some such device) and listen to them whilst Christmas shopping. Or you can memorise them and recite them at your office Christmas party. Or you can do nothing at all with them. It's up to you really. - HB

A Christmas Love Story About Almonds


A Sock Full of Cole


The Great Christmas Caper


A Christmas Poem

by Hugh Briss