What Some of You, Upon Reflection, Might Consider A Really Fairly Persiflagey Christmas Issue

Christmas, 2014

Five Tips For a Great Christmas

1 Leave a White Russian (the drink) out for Santa on Christmas Eve. He loves those.
2 Cash is always a great Christmas gift. Especially his Everybody Loves a Nut album.
3 A substantial Christmas breakfast will help fuel you for the day's festivities. I like reindeer sausages and partridge eggs, a dozen of each! And don't forget the espresso!
4 Difficult relatives can be drugged into a stupor. Why not try spiking the eggnog with Percocet?
5 Wrap a Christmas gift for yourself and put it under the tree. The value of said gift should only slightly exceed the amount you spent on all your other Christmas shopping. Include a cheerful and encouraging message!



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