Pandemic Tales

A plague year's worth of video stories for childish adults

I started doing Uncle Glennie's Storytime way back in 2006. In 2019 I asked the Manitoba Arts Council for help in putting together a touring show. But then there was a pandemic (you may have already heard) and suddenly travelling across the country speaking loudly in crowded rooms didn't seem like such a great idea. What to do? Why not use my phone to record these little performances?

Originally I posted these to Instagram and Facebook but I felt that posterity demanded that they have a more permanent home. Who am I to argue with posterity?

So, in reverse order, last to first, here they are. Enjoy!

Original broadcast June 30, 2021

The introduction to this very page! And the story of The Bird Who Bathed.

Original broadcast March 19, 2021

The very last story. Of this series that is. There will be other stories. I am not announcing the end of all stories forever. I don't have that kind of power. Sadly.

Original broadcast March 14, 2021

This is really quite sad. You have been warned.

Original broadcast March 11, 2021

Some days, like many other folks this year who had that option, I didn't even bother to get out of my pajamas.

Original broadcast March 8, 2021

Please do not write in and ask why I am so out of breath. I don't remember. Maybe I ran up the stairs before I sat down?

Original broadcast March 7, 2021

This one has a bit of a message. I think. Maybe.

Original broadcast March 5, 2021

For those of you who love alpine stories.

Original broadcast March 3, 2021

Fond memories of Springs past. And a magnificent goose.

Original broadcast February 28, 2021

The watchdog's problems are rarely fully considered.

Original broadcast February 23, 2021

Story idea from Matthew.

Original broadcast February 17, 2021

Featuring over-sized French bears.

Original broadcast February 15, 2021

Don't worry eventually I open my eyes in this one.

Original broadcast February 14, 2021

Sometimes being the brightest bulb is not much of a comfort.

Original broadcast February 12, 2021

A significant difference between siblings.

Original broadcast February 10, 2021

A VERY close call. Maybe TOO close.

Original broadcast February 6, 2021

How many foxes can YOU see? Really? That many?

Original broadcast February 2, 2021

Another turtle story!

Original broadcast January 31, 2021

An ancient tale that turtles love to tell one another.

Original broadcast January 29, 2021

Finally a video where you don't have to look at my stupid face!

Original broadcast January 24, 2021

May contain some violence. Well, there's really no may about it. There's violence in this one alright.

Original broadcast January 19, 2021

Henry has some struggles but it turns out okay. Sort of.

Original broadcast January 17, 2021

Roderick considers the nature of morality. Have you?

Original broadcast January 10, 2021

That time I had no neck to speak of.

Original broadcast January 5, 2021

In which I pass along some very good advice.

Original broadcast January 2, 2021

Don't worry, I am wearing pants.

Original broadcast December 29, 2020

Everything is a trade off.

Original broadcast December 24, 2020

This story may seem vaguely familiar to you.

Original broadcast December 23, 2020

Yet another heart-warming Christmas story.

Original broadcast December 21, 2020

Who's that behind me? Why it's tiny Santa!

Original broadcast December 17, 2020

Occasionally I leave the house. Even when it's cold out.

Original broadcast December 16, 2020

Is there really someone for everyone? Possibly.

Original broadcast December 14, 2020

CAUTION: May contain "acting".

Original broadcast December 10, 2020

I don't feel like explaining this one.

Original broadcast December 8, 2020

It pays to know a tiny camera operator.

Original broadcast December 4, 2020

Yes, that is tomato sauce on my face. It was delicious.

Original broadcast December 2, 2020

An interesting story about friendship. Well, I think it's interesting.

Original broadcast November 30, 2020

We can sometimes learn from our animal friends. Sometimes not so much.

Original broadcast November 25, 2020

A slightly less well known Christmas story.

Original broadcast November 22, 2020

Here the term snowflake refers to an actual snowflake. Just so you know.

Original broadcast November 20, 2020

Try not to focus solely on the hat. Pay attention to the story.

Original broadcast November 17, 2020

Nice aerial shot. Drone totally worth the expense.

Original broadcast November 16, 2020

The Strange Case of the Missing Man. Hard boiled Uncle Glennie.

Original broadcast November 13, 2020

Not a good look for me.

Original broadcast November 9, 2020

It bears repeating.

Original broadcast November 6, 2020

A story about a dog. I interrupted my work on the Uncle Glennie story set to tell it.

Original broadcast November 2, 2020

The very interesting story of Pierre.

Original broadcast October 30, 2020

A very old looking man reveals the story behind the pancakes.

Original broadcast October 29, 2020

Who doesn't love stories about royalty? Can I see a show of hands?

Original broadcast October 26, 2020

A very short one.

Original broadcast October 23, 2020

Ironically, the sound quality in this one is not first rate.

Original broadcast October 20, 2020

Hmmm, where was this one recorded?

Original broadcast October 19, 2020

Features a duck who... uh... follows people?

Original broadcast October 12, 2020

What is the exact number of pumpkins that one needs?

Original broadcast September 29, 2020

My apologies to the Parker brothers.

Original broadcast September 24, 2020

The subject is terrible but the story itself is, of course, excellent.

Original broadcast September 21, 2020

Caution: May contain peanuts.

Original broadcast September 18, 2020

The Case of the Missing Sense of Purpose: An Egmont le Manchot mystery.

Original broadcast September 14, 2020

Sometimes it's good to have a hobby.

Original broadcast September 11, 2020

Self-explanatory really.

Original broadcast September 2, 2020

One for the aspiring amateur arborists among you.

Original broadcast August 31, 2020

A tale of love.

Original broadcast August 27, 2020

I have nothing to say about this one.

Original broadcast August 24, 2020

Special thanks to Virginia Woolf.

Original broadcast August 18, 2020

This, although covered by the rubric Uncle Glennie's Storytime, is, in fact, a poem. Some viewers may be familiar with the very first line which was stolen from a much better poem.

Original broadcast August 14, 2020

This one has a penguin in it so I wore my penguin shirt. How many penguins can you name? Go!

Original broadcast August 13, 2020

A story about landscaping.


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