Reading Between the Big Cats

August 21st, 2008

A man found shot dead in a dumpster in Skokie was identified as Glen Edward Johnson, a man suspected in several hotel burglaries in the village.

The Skokie Review (July 7/1986)

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Dear Persiflage

Well readers, it's that time again. Time to open up the old mail bag and see what falls out on the floor and isn't eaten by the cat.
This week we present a small sampling of our mail from the last month. We're not sorry if your letter wasn't printed. It wasn't because of space considerations. We just didn't want to.

Dear Persiflage,
For several years now I have been collecting string. I am approaching 65 and yet I still do not have enough for a reasonable sized ball. What should I do?


Dear M. Sans-Orb,
A lot of people when they begin collecting string limit themselves to actual string. This is a mistake. By including yarn, thread, twist ties, extension cords, rake handles and gloves in your collection you will find that, ineluctably, your balls will increase in size. If that's what you want. Personally I would recommend spending your time a little more wisely.


Dear Persiflage,
I am a tallish man with a limp.

Tallish Man With a Limp

Caspar, Wyoming. But thank you for your interest.



Once upon a time there was a lion with the unlikely name of Leo.

Leo was a ovo-lacto vegetarian.

Leo lived in a small room on the third floor of a house in the Wolseley area. Everyday he would sit by his window smoking Pall Malls and musing on the state of the universe.

Sometimes Leo would go to the zoo and hang around by the antelope enclosure. He knew it was cruel but he did it anyway.

One day a man in a khaki leisure suit and a pith helmet walked into Leo's room, pulled out a revolver and shot him.

Leo had been wearing the man's pajamas.

C.F. Maynard

probably not the author's real name